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My name is Angie Fox. I am a body relationship facilitator.

What does 'body relationship facilitator' mean? It means that:

  • I am a lifelong learner who has chosen to study the body and our relationship to it.

  • I help others re-define the relationships they have to their bodies.

  • I create intentional and loving spaces to help others deepen the relationship they have with their body using breathwork, movement, and relaxation practices. 

  • I support others in developing a personal practice to continue to nurture and thrive in your body.

  • I specialize in supporting others to find their own joy path by helping to connect within and find the person you are longing to be. ​​

​​How did I get here?

In the past, I struggled with my own relationship with myself and my body. My own healing journey started in 2006 when I began studying massage therapy. Since then, I have continued to study the body/mind connection from many view points including Yoga, Chakradance, Herbalism, and Hypnosis. In addition to my certifications and courses, I have done a lot of research on why we self-sabotage and how to change things.

When Heart Center Holistic Therapies was born, I knew my gift to the world would be a culmination of all the healing practices that have helped me and so many others on their own self discovery path. However, I knew my approach would be different. I would prioritize JOY. Joy was the missing ingredient in all the self-help resources I had come across on my own journey. Joy is at the heart of everything I do. Joy is the heart center.


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