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not quite yoga

Welcome to our 'not quite' yoga page! 

Not Quite Yoga is a slower-paced gentle movement class that gives you the opportunity to engage with your body in a new way.


We borrow the ancient wisdom from Yoga and Pilates, as well as Fascia Stretching Therapy, to engage the body as a whole. At the beginning of each class, we explore the language of our bodies and the wisdom in which they speak.


We learn that our body is not against us - ever.


It is simply trying to give us more information, help us understand what is happening on the inside, and communicating the only what it knows how. The intention of 'Not Quite' Yoga is to learn the language of your body. 


We aim to create more space for ourselves while simultaneously strengthening our bodies, in a way that is safe, accessible, and unique to each of us. Because....

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the body knows best

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