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Welcome to our Chakradance page! 

We are beyond excited to share this dynamic wellness practice with you.


What is Chakradance?

It is hard to put words to such a potent practice like Chakradance,

but I will do my best. Chakradance is unique and deeply personal because it combines self-guided movement with chakra-specific music. Since there are no steps to follow, you are invited to let the music move through your body, giving yourself permission to unwind and release anything no longer serves you. Each dance is an opportunity to embody what is best for your highest good.

Chakradance is known around the world as a healing movement practice.

My unique approach takes the best of what Chakradance has to offer and marries it with meditation, guided imagery, and mandala art. This approach gives you an opportunity to ground, embody and integrate each class.

Chakradance has changed my life and now, I want to share it with others. 

Currently, I offer private sessions and group classes. 

I hope you come and try it for yourself!


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