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Heart Center Holistic Therapies

develop a deeper relationship with your Self


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Chakradance is a movement meditation to help release and heal old habits, traumas & challenges. We offer private sessions and group classes.

'Not Quite' Yoga combines  elements of yoga, pilates, and fascial stretching techniques in every class. Our approach is slow, gentle, and playful.

Learn new ways to support your body through the use of plant medicine and herbal products. Each product is unique -

just like you!

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A private hypnosis session gives you the opportunity to reset outdated patterns into something more aligned with your ideals.

Therapy Sessions


My name is Angie Fox. I am a body relationship facilitator.

What does 'body relationship facilitator' mean? It means that:

  • I am a lifelong learner who has chosen to study the body and our relationship to it.

  • I help others re-define the relationships they have to their bodies.

  • I create intentional and loving spaces to help others deepen the relationship they have with their body using breathwork, movement, and relaxation practices. 

  • I support others in developing a personal practice to continue to nurture and thrive in your body.

  • I specialize in supporting others to find their own joy path by helping to connect within and find the person you are longing to be. ​​


- Beth B.

client love

I always look forward to Chakradance class.
It is an open space to explore myself with no expectations.
I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new doorway into engagement, appreciation, and growth with myself.

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Forest Lake

“In order to trust your body as a guide,

the first step is to begin to understand it.”

                                                 — Deepak Chopra

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